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Thank you so much for having our family as a part of your big "family"! You guys are awesome!! Best group of people I've ever met!
Carol and her family
Patient of Oakridge Dental Centre
We have been seeing Dr Merkley and his outstanding staff for a few years now, recommended by my elderly parents, who think he is so superb! Every person in this office is so kind, attentive, and patient! Dr Merkley is the most gentle dentist I have ever been to. He has done fillings and crowns and his injections are so easy! Our son has autism, and they are all always so accommodating, allowing us as much time needed to get hygiene done, x-rays or a dental exam. I highly recommend this exceptional team.
I hadn't been to the dentist in at least 5 years. And then I lost a filling and had a big hole in my tooth. I called another dentist and they made me an appointment in over a week. Then I called Oakridge dental and they got me in right away. Now they have done all the work that I needed and they were incredible. The reception ladies are kind and professional, the dental hygienist is funny and good and the dentist was great. Awesome.
Patient of Oakridge Dental Centre
I was so afraid. I had a really, really bad case of dentolphobia, but I was more afraid of the tooth eating monster…the dreaded Mr. D. Cay. I knew I wasn’t stupid enough to let the dreaded Mr. D. Cay destroy my teeth once again. So after many long “get over it” chats with myself I gathered my courage and off I went in search of dentist in Oakridge. I stopped in at the dental offices I passed, not feeling welcomed or comfortable in any of them. Then with only one left, I entered the door and was greeted with warmth. ….and there it was, exactly what I was looking for…”we cater to cowards”. But I find knowing that you will never again be jamming all these instruments along with your fingers into my mouth…or hear you state “I can’t see” and I won.t even mention that frigging huge freezing needle. All teasing aside, I am very honoured to be one of your last patients. I am truly grateful that you cured me of my dental phobia with your kind patience and understanding and that you have left your patients with Dr. Merkley who also possesses these traits!
Patient of Oakridge Dental Centre
On my way home from my dental appointment today I was thinking about how much I appreciate Dr. Merkley and his office. Everything he has done for me since I began with him has been perfect – better than perfect, actually. I couldn’t recommend him and his staff more highly and I consider myself lucky to have found him.
Patient of Oakridge Dental Centre
Like many people my age, it had been a long time (5 years?) since I'd been to the dentist. Once it wasn't forced on me, I waited until my teeth hurt before I ever made an appointment. It's not that I don't care about my teeth, it's just that I suffer from the popular and extremely common fear of dentistry.

I have to say that this experience was the best dental experience I've ever had! The office staff were friendly and cheerful greeting me at 7am, and the rest of the staff followed suit. My hygienist, Henrietta was an absolute pleasure, gentle with her cleanings and very upfront about everything she was doing. Best part? I didn't get the dreaded angry flossing lecture, and no awkward small talk about the weather. Who would have thought I would end up laughing in a dental office!

Dr. Merkley was helpful and listened to my concerns patiently and provided excellent care. I look forward to continuing my (regular, every 6 months) check-ups at this office. The office was clean and pleasant, and the location is great for getting around since it's so close to the Canada Line.

The experience was mostly painless and comfortable, and I feel less afraid of going to the dentist now. Thumbs up!
Patient of Oakridge Dental Centre